Benefits of Court Booking Software




Due to the increasing popularity of the sport of pickleball, there has been a huge increase in the number of people playing and visiting Pickleball clubs. Traditional tennis clubs are flooded with new members hungry to play on a smaller courts and dink with a beer in their hand. Pickleball facilities haven’t been able to keep up with the demand and the overpopulation of courts has caused problems for both clubs and players. Is there a solution? You bet. Online bookings and court reservations! Let’s learn how you can reserve courts and organize everything with schedule tools like Pickleball Software.


With the help of online reservation systems like Pickleball Software, Pickleball players and Pickleball clubs can easily manage and track the number of people playing on their courts. There are numerous advantages to investing in a software solution including time savings, increase member retention and overall happiness. Happy members equals a revenue generating club.

Court Availability


One of the most important features and advantages of an online court booking system is its ability to provide a real-time view of the court reservations for all your pickleball matches. This allows Pickleballers and their partners to make informed decisions regarding their playing schedule during online registration. Run leagues and coaching clinics at certain times and enable your members to find times in between to improve their game and have fun.


With Pickleball Software, you can set specific limits on the number of courts each individual can access per reserve and separate members and walk-ins. It’s flexible and customizable. Just the way your league is.


Collect Revenue


One of the most important factors you should consider in a website or court booking system is it’s ability to collect revenue from online payments. After all, it is likely WHY you’re in the business of Pickleball. Unfortunately, a traditional pen and paper system is not an ideal method to collect revenue from teams, leagues, friends and pickleball players.


By charging a small fee for each reservation through your Pickleball club site, you'll be able to increase your bottom line. You can charge teams and players for membership dues, a match played, tournaments you run, and participation in Pickleball leagues. Online reservation systems like can help maximize options players get, providing additional dollars for your courts.




You maximize profits when people attend their reservation and fill the courts. So make it easy on yourself and find a tool that does SMS notifications and email reminders too. 


Maximize Clinics

Do you have 10 coaches all competing for time and space against your Pickleball Leagues and tournament schedule? One of the biggest benefits to using a court reservation system is giving your coaches and trainers the scheduling tools to maximize their business and court times.


Coaches lead, inspire and build a better player and human. They shouldn’t be consuming their time on phone calls, emails, and text messages to your members trying to find a time that works. Online booking systems allow instructors to easily show their availability for all classes and events to enable each party. 


Hot Tip


When looking for the right solution, be sure you have the options to reserve courts by skill level. A Pickleball club thrives when everyone is happy about the tournaments and leagues they're competitive in. If Tammy is a 4.0, she wants to know she's reserving a game with someone who will give her a good match. Friends don't ALWAYS want to play with each other so make sure your software can track a league, tournament and matches by the skill set.


Hot tip 2


While we're thinking about it, many Pickleball tools aren't able to manage court reservations and your ladder league play or double elimination tournaments. For Pickleball, it's imperative to combine the ability to track scores within matches of league play. If not, you run the risk of losing payments to other software tools that your player members find.


Summarizing: Pickleball Software


These are just a few reasons why online court reservation software is needed at your club or pick-up pickleball league facility. Pickleball Software can assist the one-off league at the park or the 5,000 member club with membership dues and 24 courts. Reach out at to learn how we could help grow your pickleball business.