How to Start a Pickleball League

How to Start a Pickleball League


Pickleball has been gaining immense popularity over the last decade. This is most likely due to the fact that men and women of all ages can pick up pickleball relatively quickly and can typically perform the physical demands of the game; even into their elder years. Because of this, many new pickleball leagues have been forming across the country here in the United States and in Canada. 

In this article, we'll give you some key information on how to start your own pickleball club or league so that we can help take away some of the guesswork for you! 

Pickleball Leagues

At its core, a pickleball league is an organization of pickleball players that band together in the interest of structured competition and continuity among one another; typically during a set duration of time. 

Many pickleball leagues are members of the United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA) as they provide some tools to assist you in organizing your league. They also offer free tools that help pickleball enthusiasts find pickleball communities nearest to them. You can visit their website at:

In addition to the relaxed and fun environment of amateur leagues, there are also serious, professional leagues and tournaments throughout the United States that have prizes and money to be won.

Over a six-year period, the USAPA reported a 650% increase in their memberships indicating pickleballs' exponential growth, as we stated earlier in the article. There are over 7,000 designated pickleball locations in North America and there is at least one designated pickleball location in every U.S. state and Canadian province.

Starting a Pickleball League

When starting your pickleball League, you first want to get organized and prepared to handle the demands of running the league in an organized and simple way. 

Here at Pickleball Software, we help take away the guesswork and headaches of running a pickleball league. In just a few clicks of a button, you can build a fully functional & beautiful league website, keep track of court scheduling, communicate with players in the league, and set up tournaments, just to name a few features. 

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After you have laid the foundation of a great-looking and functional Pickleball League, you'll need to attract enough players to join your league to make it feasible. 

You will want to attract pickleball players that are willing to contribute to the league by recruiting their friends & family as new members and paying league fees to fund certain aspects of the league itself. 

League fee funds typically go to resources like rackets, nets, pickleball, court rentals, and clerical expenses. Through our SportsCarnival pickleball software, we also make the collection of payments easy!

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Sometimes It can be difficult to find a pickleball court nearby, with enough pickleball players near the court's location to sustain a pickleball league or club. If that's the case for you; the good news is, you can convert badminton, basketball, or even tennis courts into a pickleball court. 

If you have great tools to manage your league, such as our SportsCarnival pickleball league software, the support of group pickleball players, and at least one court to play pickleball league games on, the rest of the process is simple. 

When you have a great league and involve multiple individuals, committing time and energy to organize the league itself collectively can solve many issues. The power of manpower can be your greatest resource yet.

League Seasons

When determining the length of your pickleball league’s season, it's typically determined by the number of pickleball players you have in the league; as well as, how much time they're willing to commit to the league itself. 

The majority of pickleball leagues are seasonal and typically last only a few months or a few weeks at a time. This allows players to have an easy commitment to the hobby of pickleball; furthermore, attracting a larger number of pickleball players to your league. It's important to maintain an easygoing and fun environment for a league to stay sustainable. 

Another great thing about pickleball is it can be played indoors or outdoors so seasonal changes are less of a factor; of course facility and court accessibility plays a factor in this. 

Many pickleball leagues use a ladder format with a rolling schedule. For tournaments, the USAPA recommends setting around 9 hours aside for the competition itself but, of course, much more work is required to set up the courts, organize the tournament, and so on. 

Costs to Join a Pickleball League

Fees for each pickleball league will vary based on their respective league's expenses. Generally speaking, we recommend you charge a league fee of around $20 to $25 per player for each season or tournament. You can also raise funds through donations and sponsorships for the league. 

Keeping entry costs lower for players; will encourage them to come back and keep playing in your league in the future, all while building loyalty and excitement within your community. 

As far as tournaments go, if you want to register for a tournament with the USAP, there is a registration fee of $25; as well as, some additional payments for more exposure if you so choose. If you decide to register a tournament with the USAPA it will give your pickleball tournament a much larger reach within the pickleball community.

In our efforts to grow the game of pickleball, we thank you for reading this article and hope you enjoyed it!

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